Rainbow Chakra Drawstring Bracelet

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Chakra, meaning 'wheel' in Sanskrit, refers to all the energy points in your body - from top to toe.

These 7 major Chakras are thought to be spinning disks of energy that ought to stay 'open' and aligned as they harmonize with all of our nerves and major organs that ultimately affect our physical and mental well-being. 

This beautiful handcrafted bracelet is made of carefully selected natural gemstones. Each of these stones and their benefits correspond to the 7 major Chakras in our body to maintain its wholesome balance. 

Chakra Gemstones Gemstones Benefits
Crown Amethyst Enhances Spirituality, Mental Clarity
Third Eye Lapiz Lazuli Raises Self Awareness, Enhances Intellects
Throat Blue Turquoise Enhances Communication, Protection
Heart Emperor Stone Focuses on Love, Healing
Solar Plexus Tiger's Eye Sharpens Senses, Wisdom, Power
Sacral Amber Enhances Sexuality, Balances Emotions
Root Red Agate Enhances Trust, Safety, Grounding


The adjustable bracelet is completed with two Aventurine beads at the ends of the drawstrings. Aventurine is a calming prosperity stone that promotes compassion and empathy. 

A great and meaningful gift to a loved one or even oneself. 

Material: Nylon String, Natural Gemstones

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